Want to preserve your memory? Make sure to eat this!

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Both of my grandmother’s had Alzheimers, so I have a personal interest in doing what I can to help preserve my memory for the future.  This is especially important because although there are 47 million people suffering with dementia,  we don’t have any medicines that actually help!  


Alzheimers medications are disappointing


Pfizer recently pulled the plug on its entire Alzheimers drug research division – they recognized that their drugs were not looking promising and decided to give up on them.  This is especially noteworthy since we expect the number of people with dementia to go way up in the future.  If had developed a drug that really worked, it could have been worth Billions!


New research shows how you can preserve your memory!


But there IS something that has recently been shown to successfully preserve your memory.  A medical study in the journal Neurology looked at 960 people over the age of 50 and followed them for almost 5 years, studying their memory.  The people who got the most of this stuff scored significantly better on memory tests than the people who got the least.  


Would you want this?  How much would you be willing to pay?


 Well, the good news is you CAN get it!  And while it is not covered by health insurance, it is very affordable.   


Drumroll please……The marvelous brain preserving, memory maintaining substance is GREEN LEAFY VEGGIES! 


In the study, the people who ate the most green leafy vegetables (at least one serving of daily) had memory scores that were so much better than the people who hardly ever ate them, it was as though their brains were 11 years younger!  


Eat your greens!


Do you have any doubt that veggies are a good idea?  Well apparently, your doctor may.   Dr Yian Gu, from Columbia University, was interviewed by Medscape Medical News about this study.  Here was his take:   “It might still be too early, though, to recommend increasing intake of green leafy vegetables, without further confirmation”.  Huh?


You don’t have to wait for Dr Gu or the rest of the medical world to be “convinced”.  Eat at least one serving of green leafy veggies every day (such as spinach, lettuce, kale, and collards) to keep your brain younger!  


In addition to a healthy diet, regular exercise, adequate sleep, and managing stress also help to keep you sharp so you can enjoy your future!  This is another example of how living well is the best medicine!

For more information about improving or maintaining your memory give us a call!  We are here to help.