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Feeling Wired & Tired? Overweight? Low Libido?

In This Booklet, You’ll Discover…

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The Problem With Unbalanced Hormones

Most people don’t worry about hormone levels until it’s too late because they aren’t taught preventative measures to protect their hormone balance or even why they should. Find out what the symptoms of low hormones are and if you are at risk. Learn how your habits, food choices and environment may make you more susceptible to thyroid issues or even disease.

low libido treatment

Understanding the Gut-Hormone Connection

Balancing your hormones isn’t as easy as prescribing a hormone replacement pill- that may be only a small part the equation and doesn’t deal with some of the root causes. Learn how the gut can impact your hormone balance and why it’s so important to heal any gut issues that may have played a part your hormonal issues.

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Get the Right Testing To Protect Your Thyroid Health

If you’ve complained of feeling fatigued, chances are your doctor may have tested your thyroid. However standard blood tests administered by most conventional doctors are only rough starting points that provide very limited information. That’s why important to learn about the correct testing to know where your thyroid health stands.

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