Signature Wellness Presentation Series:

Have You Lost That Loving Feeling?

 Is estrogen replacement safe? New studies shed light on true risks and benefits of estrogen replacement.

Thursday 2/16 at 7pm EST via Zoom

Questions Dr. Deb Will Cover:

Are you worried about being on hormone replacement because you are afraid it may cause breast cancer?  

Have you chosen NOT to go on hormones – and put up with vaginal dryness, painful sex, memory and mood changes, insomnia and other symptoms that go along with menopause – because it seems like the safer alternative?

Maybe your doctor told you that you were not a candidate for hormone replacement because your mom had breast cancer.  Or that you are too old.  Or that they don’t think hormone replacement is safe or necessary. 

Hormone replacement is always optional, but you need to have all the information to make the best choice!  

Estrogen has had a bad rap for 20 years.  But we got it wrong!  Research has vindicated estrogen, and now studies are showing that women on certain kinds of hormone replacement actually have LESS breast cancer (that is not a typo!)  

Are you on the right kind?  

Should you consider starting estrogen replacement after all? 

Join me for all the info!  

Thursday 2/16 at 7pm EST via Zoom

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