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The most important Vitamin in 2020?

This holiday season we are dealing with increasing COVID cases while we have to make decisions about whether to be together with our families and loved ones.

We know the drill: wash our hands, social distance, and wear masks. But should we add “take a Vitamin D supplement” to the list?

Vit D deficiency is very common, especially in winter months. Rates of mental health issues are sky rocketing with the pandemic, and Seasonal Affective Disorder (from low Vitamin D) will add to it.

There have been many small studies showing that low Vitamin D is a risk factor for more serious symptoms of COVID. Recently, another study was published supporting the idea that Vit D deficiency is associated with COVID severity.

The study looked at 30-60 year olds diagnosed with COVID
• Of asymptomatic patients: 33% were deficient in Vit D
• Of ICU patients: 96.8% were deficient in Vitamin D!
• Of 63 people in the ICU, only 2 had a normal Vitamin D level

Other small studies:
• In 200 hospitalized patients, 80% were Vit D deficient
• People with low Vis D were almost 4 times as likely to die from COVID
• Normal Vit D – 50% less likely to die from COVID
• Normal Vit D – 54% less chance of getting COVID

Risk factors for Vit D deficiency:
• Older
• Overweight
• Diabetic
• Black/Latino/Asian

Vit D affects your immune system function. Deficiency results in:
• increased cytokines (involved in cytokine storm!)
• increased blood clots
• increased risk of pneumonia and influenza

Vit D is best as a regular daily dose. It hasn’t worked when given as a huge dose once people are already sick.

According to reports, Dr Fauci and President Trump are both taking Vit D. Making sure that we each have a normal Vit D level seems prudent!

Vit D is inexpensive, low risk, and readily available. Vitamin D3 is the correct type.

Making sure that we all have a normal Vit D level seems like a fairly easy way to reduce the impact of the pandemic! The UK is providing free Vit D to everyone who is at high risk for COVID. Why isn’t checking Vit D and optimizing levels included with our advice about hand washing, social distancing and mask wearing here?

You should talk to your doctor about the best dose of Vit D for you. Taking Vit D may not be safe for people with certain health problems, like some kidney diseases.

Optimizing your Vit D is important! Have we told you that your Vit D is low? Have you stopped taking Vit D? Now is the time to restart!!

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