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We believe that those who truly value their health recognize the value of preventive medicine and healthy living as an essential component of a total healthcare strategy designed to protect your future. Instead of focusing only on disease, we aim to optimize your health.

Our plans offer our patients the time and attention they deserve. Our patients enjoy the benefits of having the professional staff of Signature Wellness as their partner and coach. By design, we limit our practice size so that everyone receives personalized and unrushed service.

Executive Assessment

The Executive Assessment is recommended for:

  • Relatively healthy individuals striving for optimal health and anti-aging
  • Persons with medical issues that would benefit from more support, such as fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, irritable bowel syndrome, autoimmune disorders, pre-diabetes, multiple hormonal imbalances, or other chronic health conditions.

Our multidisciplinary team will use sophisticated testing to assess your current hormonal balance, nutritional status, stress, and risk for chronic disease. Then a Personalized Wellness Program will be developed for you, addressing all of these areas and more.

The team is led by our physician, Deborah Matthew MD, who is Fellowship trained in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine. Our Clinical Educators include Liz Lorenzo RN, our stress management counselor and your personal liason; Marci Scott ND who will help you to optimize your nutrition and use of nutritional supplements; and Donna White who educates women on the use of bio-identical hormones.

Some of the benefits of the Executive Assessment are as follows:

Extensive lab evaluation including: full hormonal assessment for sex hormones, stress hormones, thyroid hormones as well as blood count, liver and kidney function, advanced cardiovascular risk factors, glucose metabolism, and advanced lipid panel**

  • A Personalized Wellness Plan will be custom designed for you based on your goals, health challenges and test results and presented to you including full lab reports

An extended medical appointment with Dr. Matthew to review your lab results in detail and discuss your Wellness Plan which will include:

  • Nutritional supplement recommendations *
  • Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy as appropriate
  • Additional innovative laboratory testing including nutritional evaluation, digestive function evaluation, food sensitivity testing and genomic testing for inherited risk factors may be done when appropriate **

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