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Sex shouldn't hurt

Do you dread having sex due to the pain you feel during intercourse?

Worried that your lack of interest in sex could compromise your relationship with your partner?

Or perhaps you are struggling with vaginal issues that you haven’t felt comfortable bringing up yet with your doctor?

It can sometimes feel difficult or uncomfortable to talk about sexual problems, but these issues are important and can affect your self-esteem and your relationship.

Decreased sexual pleasure can be caused by a low sex drive, vaginal dryness, pain with intercourse, the vaginal canal being too loose (less sensation) or too tight (discomfort), and difficulty achieving an orgasm. Some of your options can be:

  • PRP Injection 
  • Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation

Urinary Leakage

Many women lose urine when laughing, coughing, sneezing or exercising. This is called stress incontinence, and is caused by a weakening of the pelvic sphincter muscles, due to the effects of childbirth or aging.

Urge incontinence is the strong, sudden need to urinate. The bladder then squeezes, and urine is lost if a woman is not able to find a restroom quickly. Incontinence is an extremely common problem, and can cause social and hygiene issues.

Until now we did not have good solutions other than wearing a pad or having surgery. Fortunately, we now have treatments available that can help both sexual health and incontinence!

For women’s urinary stress incontinence, we offer two procedures:

  • PRP Injection
  • Votiva Vaginal Rejuvenation

VOTIVA Vaginal Rejuvenation

As women age or after childbirth, there are many changes they may notice in their vaginal health…
Vaginal Laxity: caused by aging, genetics and/or trauma not limited to just vaginal childbirth. Up to 76% of women may experience decreased sensation due to laxity during their lifetimes
Stress Urinary Incontinence: SUI is a huge unmet need with currently no pharmacological agents to remedy this condition.  Previously, the only options were surgery or Kegel exercises to strengthen the surrounding structure of the bladder.
External Appearance: Dissatisfaction with the appearance of the external genitalia can lead to low self esteem, lack of confidence and reduced sexual satisfaction.
Vaginal Dryness: Lack of lubrication can cause intercourse to become uncomfortable, or even painful. 
VOTIVA is a non-invasive  treatment for both the internal and external areas of the vagina. It tones and tightens tissues, improves sensitivity, increases lubrication and reduces stress incontinence – quickly, safely and comfortably.

Votiva FAQ

You can expect to feel a heating sensation during the treatment.  Women who’ve had a hot stone massage often report the heating sensation is similar.

There is minimal or no discomfort during or immediately following the treatment.

There is no downtime.

We recommend a package of 3 treatments for most women.

Most patients see and feel positive results immediately. Optimal results come after the third treatment is completed.

PRP Injection Treatment

What if you could treat your urinary stress incontinence or sexual dysfunction with….

  • Near zero risk
  • In 15 minutes
  • With no down time

For women’s health, the PRP Injection has been a game changer – it is simple, fast, low risk and relatively inexpensive compared with surgical treatments.

How does the PRP Injection Work?

This treatment fits with our desire to use more natural treatments and address the root cause of your issues because it harnesses your body’s own natural ability to heal!

Using growth factors from your own blood, tissues can be regenerated, including growth of new blood vessels, collagen fibers and nerves to help with incontinence and sexual health.

What to expect….

Blood is drawn from your arm, and we separate out the part containing the growth factors.  This is called platelet rich plasma, or PRP.

After the area is numbed, the PRP is injected into the clitoris and roof of the vaginal to activate the stem cells in your tissues.  The stem cells get to work to turn back the clock – they regenerate blood vessels, nerve endings and collagen fibers to help restore sexual function and prevent leakage.

Possible benefits include:

  • Decreased or resolved pain during sex
  • Greater arousal from clitoral stimulation
  • A tighter vaginal canal (if felt to be too loose prior)
  • A more elastic vaginal canal (if felt to be too tight prior, usually after menopause)
  • Younger, smoother skin externally (lips of the vagina)
  • Decreased or resolved overactive bladder and/or urinary incontinence
  • Stronger and more frequent orgasms
  • Increased vaginal lubrication

The Votiva and PRP Injection can be combined for maximum benefit.

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