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Menopause and BHRT

Well Beyond 40 Podcast

Debunking Hormone-Replacement Therapy Myths With Dr. Deb Matthew

Life Lessons Podcast- Hormone Replacement Therapy: Why It Should Matter To You with Dr. Deb

What You Should Know About Hormone Replacement with Dr. Deb Matthew – The Happy Hormones Doctor

Weight Loss, Hormones, and Mood

Top 7 Hormone Mistakes Keeping Your Metabolism Stuck- The Hormone Prescription with Dr. Kyrin Dunston

Karen Martel- Bioidentical Hormones

The Other Side of Weight Loss Podcast   


Balancing Your Mood & Hormones with Functional Medicine with Dr. Deborah Matthew

Hormone Imbalances

HRT’s Impact On Women’s Health Through Time Cynthia Thurlow- Everyday Wellness Podcast

Lisa Fischer- Healthy Living Simple Podcast

Spa Doctor, Trevor Cates- The Woman’s Doctor- (Intro to health, hormones and happiness docuseries)

Signature Wellness Webinars

Functional Medicine

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