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5 Common Causes of Low Sex Drive in Women…

If chocolates, hearts and flowers aren’t enough to get you into the mood this Valentine’s Day, you aren’t alone.  It is estimated that nearly 1 in 3 women between 18 and 59 years of age complain of lack of desire.  Here are some common causes:

  1. Stress.   When you are under a lot of stress, cortisol levels go up (causing your sex drive to go down).
  2. Fatigue.  If you are always tired, it is hard to muster up enough energy to really enjoy intimacy.
  3. Medications.  Many different prescription medicines can cause sexual problems, including anti-depressants, blood pressure medications and birth control pills.  Even anti-histamines can contribute to vaginal dryness.
  4. Depression is a real downer for sex drive (and many anti-depressants make the problem worse).
  5. Hormonal problems are common in women.  Low testosterone can result in vaginal dryness, loss of interest in sex and lack of arousal.  Menopausal hormone changes can result in painful sex.  Hypothyroidism is often associated with sexual problems (but your doctor may not even be aware of the connection or think of checking for this.)

Correcting the underlying problem is necessary if you want to get that spark back. 

Balanced hormones, including the use of bio-identical hormone replacement therapy where appropriate, is important.   Other tools, such as an OShot, can help restore sensitivity. 

If you are having problems and would like help, please let us know.  A Functional Medicine approach (addressing hormones, nutrition, gut health, detoxification and lifestyle habits) can help transform your sexual health

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