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Why won’t my doctor measure my hormones?

https://vimeo.com/900635210?share=copy Have you gone to your doctor to ask them to measure your hormone levels, only to be told No? This is something that happens a lot, and it can be so confusing and frustrating because you may be hearing all about the different symptoms of perimenopause and menopause and how hormone changes make women

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Want to lose belly fat?

Ten Reasons You’re Not Losing Weight Do you want to lose belly fat?   For many years we have been told that weight loss is straightforward – eat less and exercise more.  Unfortunately it is just not that easy!  For some people, maintaining a healthy lifestyle is hard in our modern world.  Many of our patients

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Have you lost that lovin’ feeling?

Joan and Victor (not their real names) run a successful business together.  They raised 3 kids, and now they are enjoying being empty nesters. Unfortunately, things in the bedroom aren’t great.  Joan doesn’t really care about sex anymore (“Honestly, I’d rather just go to sleep…”) Part of the problem is that due to dryness and

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Breast Cancer Prevention- A Functional Medicine Approach

1 in 8 women will be diagnosed with breast cancer, which is a pretty scary thought.  You’d like to prevent yourself from becoming one of the statistics, but what I see doctors advising women is to live a healthy lifestyle (obviously good advice) and to get a mammogram (ok – but the mammogram only shows

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5 Nutrition Tips to Naturally Reduce Hormonal Symptoms

Did you know that what you eat directly affects your hormones? Here are a couple of examples. Jessica is a 43 year old lady with perimenopausal symptoms. After starting on our nutrition program, she felt tremendously better (without any hormone replacement). By one month her energy and mood were back to normal, she no longer

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Is Menopausal Hormone Replacement Therapy Safe?

Are you having menopausal symptoms, but you are worried about hormone replacement because you have heard that it is dangerous? You may have heard that it causes breast cancer or heart attacks, and maybe your doctor has even advised against it. So you suffer with hot flashes, vaginal dryness, fatigue, depressed mood, irritability, poor sleep,

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