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Treat ED without drugs!

Having Problems in the Bedroom?

Whether you are unable to achieve an erection or function is simply not what it once was, a decrease in sexual function can be a detriment to not only your confidence but also your relationships. This can be very frustrating and embarrassing, and it can worsen with age. What can you do about it?   You know about the little blue pills, but did you know there is more that can be done?

Introducing Gainswave!

GAINSWave® is a revolutionary drug-free, surgery-free, and non-invasive therapy that uses pulsed acoustical “shock” waves that can help re-establish stronger erections and optimal sexual performance. Many men experience problems with erectile function. ED happens as you get older because the blood vessels in and around the penis begin to deteriorate and clog up. The penis loses firmness, size and sensitivity, and this only gets worse over time, increasing with each decade of life.

Here’s how it works…

The goal of our treatment protocol is to help take you back to achieving erections both naturally and fully.  With the use of a low frequency, focused, “shock” wave therapy, we can achieve this in 3 ways .

  1.  First, shock waves break up and reduce the buildup of micro plaque that occurs over time to the 100s of old blood vessels already present in the penis.
  2. Second, it stimulates the growth of new vessels… think of it like getting a new set of plumbing- that will allow for maximum blood flow.
  3. Lastly, it restores tissue and vessel elasticity by recruiting growth factors to the area and stimulating the production of nitric oxide, which allows the penis to fill and maintain blood flow for a full and long erection.   

It’s a simple, quick, in-office procedure with no down time and no surgery. Regularly scheduled treatments over the course of a few weeks can provide long lasting results, up to 2 years according to research. NCBI

Want more info?

You can find out more information about Gainswave, and other treatments we offer to help with Men’s Health here.  This is a whole list of references about “shockwave” therapy:  Multiple studies

Ready for help?

Whether you’re looking to simply enhance performance or are in need of restored function, we’re here to help.  Addressing issues now can allow you to maintain your best performance, and with routine treatments, you can minimize signs of declining sexual function.

Don’t wait for your best days to pass you by!  Give us a call today at 704-752-9346 to speak with one of our patient educators and get scheduled for a free consultation. We look forward to seeing you soon!   Yours in health! Dr Deb    

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